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At Ground Zero Comics we don't do temporary sales and schemes, we do ongoing promotions that we think are good for our customers, the local community and the industry in general.


Free comics for creative kids

We love comics and creativity, so in a bid to champion child literacy and creativity, and encourage the next generation of comic readers the deal is this, any child, 15 or under, brings us in a drawing of their favourite character, be it from comics, cartoons, films, books or games, they leave with a free comic and the art goes on our in-store gallery wall.



Graphic novel bargains and exchange 

As part of our used and clearance, bargain graphic novel section, we offer exchanges for unwanted graphic novels, manga and collected volumes. Simply bring in your unwanted books for inspection and valuation to find out how much credit you can get for them.



6 comics for £5

We always have a large and ever changing section of £1 comics, but if you can find 6 comics you want in the extensive A-Z, you can have them for £5



10% off any hard cover editions

We don't generally carry prestige or hard cover volumes on the shelves, but if you're a fan of that format and would like us to order them in for you, you'll automatically receive a 10% discount.