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Our Own Books

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As well as selling comics, we also make and publish our own to sell exclusively. Some of the content you can read on this very site, via the Free Comics sidebar, but some is reserved to read in physical form, because we all love a proper book.

St. Shawshank's Infant School. By Richard Reynolds

Andrew Ashtree, accused of cheating on a spelling test, is sent to St. Shawshank's, a reformative school for behaviourally challenged children. There he meets Ellis and his following of cheeky buddies and they become as tight as can be. All would be fine if not for Mrs. Norton, the sinister head mistress, who wishes to use the children to further her own agenda, but she isn't the only one to have plans up her sleeve, she might just have met her match in Andy.

St. Shawshank's Infant School is an affectionate, all-ages homage to the movie classic, The Shawshank Redemption.

All-ages - 160 pages - £10 in-store - £13 ebay store

Odds an' Sods an' Serial Killers. By Richard Reynolds

Odds an' Sods an' Serial Killers is a collection of short comic and prose stories. In these pages you will find parasites, demons, alien conspiracies, twisted Santas, cursed paintings, kid superheroes, fishermen, body horror freaks, a Detective Rabbit and oodles of serial Killers.

Mature themes - 100 pages - £8 in-store - £11 ebay store

Robertson's  Reputation. By Richard Reynolds

Reputed bouncer, Clifford Robertson, sees a chance for atonement and mentorship when he is approached by a figure from his past, a lonely, young man with misguided machinations... But the way of good intensions can be unpredictable and lead to dark places.

Mature themes - 176 pages - £10 in-store - £13 ebay store